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Monday, April 28, 2008

ShenNong travels the culture

Shennongjia in the same age-old mystery of the forests, sediments with the same mystery of the ancient culture. Appealing to the Shennongjia culture as a dredge wine bottles, incense drifting apart, enchanting tinnitus, the cause heart Tour. Shennongjia culture distinct from other parts of the culture notable features: This is the oldest forest characteristics. Both retained the original obvious traces of ancient culture, but also has a strong geographical features mountains. Its regional cultural characteristics are as rare in the Asian cultural circle-alpine mountain original cultural environment with communities.
Shennongjia forest area in the Shennongjia folklore culture is an important component. Precious Han ethnic epics, a beautiful lyrical folk songs, legends gorgeous, Shennongjia constitute a treasure trove of folk literature, as well as the last century before the ancient culture of Shennongjia sealed in a powerful witness.
Han ethnic mythology epic "Dark" by the discovery of the myth of China scholars and Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Denmark Sinologist the great attention and enthusiasm evaluation. This long line of more than 3,000 Epic songbook record of the ancient Han ethnic Mythology. Myth by our experts to determine Mr. Yuan Ke Han ethnic broad epic myth is very valuable historical information. "Dark" for the preservation, Shennongjia is revered ancient ancestors epoch-making hero singing results. Myth as they realized it was true knowledge of history, down from generation to generation song. Some old singer "Dark" The Bible manuscripts, as a family heirloom to be collector, and never show them to anyone. The Shennongjia, "Darkness" into a coffin for burial before death or buried in the ground for future generations do not know what common. "Dark" The discovery of ancient Chinese mythology is found, breaking the myth of ethnic Han no epic conclusion, the Chinese Mythology and the Chu culture and has a very important value, Shennongjia has also become the treasure house of folk literature of the most dazzling pearl.
Shennongjia form of folk singing, music and language arts color is very ancient and rich. Many folk-art calendars is not bad, as people in cultural life in Shennongjia an important component, which radiates with Gutu brilliant brilliant culture. Decoding song vocally, sprightly music; the popular wedding songs, a lot of fun too; Funeral song sounds simple, rugged desolation; Civil Minor lyrical bar, warm sincere.
Tang Shennongjia existing theater is a very old local troupes, performing at the venue smaller farmers generally appear in the house shows, the newspaper Opera. Most of the repertoire of legends costume drama, folk artists have Directed by modern drama. Concert style typical local characteristics and rich country flavor.
Shennongjia historical and cultural relics can rarely find. The net Yang Lin Monastery, nine days dashing concept Temple, the rosin Bai Yun Yan Ping, Guanyinge only vaguely identified in ruins. But Walled Lanying, such as pine Walled Fort explore to the lake and the nine ancient battlefield is preserved intact. In 1985 the Red Ping, Liu Walled entitlements have found two stone over the protection of forests. Hung Ping forest stand by palo Ping Xigou days cave door on the old rock, the inscription about one meter square on the eastern "No mountains," the four characters inscribed money for the first year of the Tongzhi, which was more than a 100 years. Palo remain a separate entitlements Walled Liu south of a new avenue named Shuibuya cliff on the peaks and ridges, the inscription of 83 cm long, 55 cm wide, 13 years carved Emperor Guangxu (1887), on the eastern "No stone and wood," the four characters. These two ancient stone tablet is Shennongjia forest protection "double-wall rock."
Shennongjia quaint customs, folk peculiar. Some farmers in the door, often hung a moment, the face of the ferocious mask carvings, known as the "swallowing mouth." In southern Shan, the owner often warm reception to the guests, known as the "cold drink wine"; Northern Shan has set the hospitality of liquor regulations. Mountain people love to smoke, each equipped with a dry-smoked tobacco bags, about one meter long, is known as the "pipe." Village women love scarves wrapped around, sometimes wrapped around the head scarf up a few 10.
Shennongjia Cultural Ecology of its well-preserved natural ecological contains the same great value since they have long lasting charm. Its unique cultural personality, rich cultural background, and her back contains the real value of the resources, carrying the stable long-term economic development possibilities and give Shennongjia a genuine peace and happiness commitments.

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