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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tips to maintain your health and fitness

While flying:

* keep important medication with you in case your luggage goes missing.
* continue taking your prescribed medication.
* factor the effects of jet lag into your itinerary.
* if you have been scuba diving, don't travel in an aircraft for at least 24 hours after your final dive.

to help avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT):

* drink plenty of fluids (but avoid alcohol and caffeine)
* while seated stretch your feet and lower legs
* walk around the cabin at regular intervals.

While travelling:

* don't over exercise - especially in hot climates
* where local tap water is not safe, drink plenty of bottled water (also use this to brush your teeth) and always check the seal on the bottle
* avoid ice in cool drinks - freezing preserves germs, it does not kill them
* beware of uncooked food including salads and fruit that you cannot peel
* include 'rest time' in your travel itinerary
* wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen for sightseeing
* dress and behave conservatively, in accordance with local customs and sensitivities
* wear a pair of thongs when showering
* practise safe sex - HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease are widespread in many countries.

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