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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Transport & Works ( Scotland )

Introduction to TAWS

What is TAWS?

TAWS (Transport and Works (Scotland) ) is a new order making process which avoids the need for private Bills for transport related developments such as a new railway, a canal, tram system or any other form of guided transport system in Scotland.

TAWS and the Scottish Government

Applications for TAWS orders are made to the Scottish Ministers by (or on behalf of) the applicants of the scheme.

The Scottish Ministers are seeking proposals to come forward under the TAWS Order process that can demonstrate both a very positive benefit to the economy of Scotland and bring about improvements to the country's infrastructure. Transport is one of Scotland's most vital public services, influencing our economy, our communities, our environment, our health and our quality of life and Ministers attach significant importance to inviting new projects to come forward that will enhance the benefits of living and working in Scotland.

The Scottish Ministers also value greatly the public participation measures contained within the TAWS, which invites those who have an interest in proposals to offer their views, either of support or objection, at the earliest possible opportunity. This might come from people whose property or business is affected, or who may be concerned about the effect on the local environment. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that Scottish Ministers come to an informed view on whether it is in the public interest to make the TAWS order.

The Scottish Ministers consider each application carefully and without bias. They make decisions only after considering all the comments made, sometimes through a public local inquiry. They can make TAWS orders (with or without amendments), or they can reject them.

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