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Monday, September 1, 2008

Places of San Francisco Attractions - Cable Cars

Among the places of San Francisco attractions, cable cars are one of the important attractions of San Francisco. When people visit San Francisco, they don’t miss the opportunity of riding the wonderful cars available. The San Francisco cable cars are unique cars that are street railways and they do not operate under their own power.

The cable cars were built by Andrew Hallidie in 1873 and the invention created great way in San Francisco transportation system and it opened doors for building on steep hills. Among the tourist, it created a great way for San Francisco sightseeing and 8 transit companies operate 600 cars on 21 routes covering 50 miles.

In San Francisco shuttle tours, cable cars operate on three routes. In that two routes start from the same place Powell and market. The three routes cable cars operated are Powell – Hyde, Powell – Mason and California Street.

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