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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabulous Tourist locations in Australia near Perth

Perth is the capital and major city of the Australian state of Western Australia and the fourth most crowded city in Australia. The Perth metropolitan area has an estimated population of 1,659,000. The city area is located in the south-west of the continent between the Indian Ocean and a low coastal escarpment known as the Darling Range. The central business district and suburbs of Perth are situated on the Swan River. Perth was founded on 12 June 1829 by Captain James Stirling as the political centre of the free-settler Swan River Colony. Perth became known worldwide as the City of Light. Perth is tied for eighth place in The Economist's 2010 list of the World's Most Livable Cities.

The One of the tourist places in Perth is Kings Park, It is opened in 1965, and the Western Australian Botanic Garden features a scientific collection mainly of Western Australian plants displayed en masse or as individual specimens in an inspiring landscape. The Botanic Garden is unique from those around the world by maintaining its focus on local flora, primarily because of the extraordinary diversity of Western Australian wildflowers found nowhere else on earth.

About 2,000 of Western Australia's 12,000 species of plants are displayed, with major gardens concentrating on regional floras of great species richness and beauty. The magnificent landscaped gardens and parkland lawns of the Botanic Garden are a favorite for weddings, quiet picnics, resting in the sun, or attending outdoor music and drama events in summer. John Forrest became Premier of Western Australia in 1890 and development of the park commenced in 1892. The park was fenced with gates at either end of a newly constructed Perth Park Road. Different sections of the road have since been renamed Fraser Avenue, Forrest Drive and Poole Avenue.

Forrest named the land The Perth Park in 1895. The name was changed in 1901 to Kings Park to mark the accession of King Edward VII to the British throne. Kings Park and Botanic Garden is visited by over six million people each year. With its remarkable expanses of unique bushland, tranquil parkland and botanic garden, the park is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia.

The total area of the park is 400.6 hectares and is located adjacent to the Swan River, approximately 1.5 km from the Central Business District of Perth. There are many things to do for the whole family, exciting events are held throughout the year and a range of services are offered to ensure you enjoy your visit.

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