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Friday, August 12, 2011

World Best Attraction in Mexico

World Tour Guides: The best World tour places in Mexico for Entertainment is Bullring. A bullring is an arena where bullfighting is performed. Bullrings are often associated with Spain, but they can also be found in neighboring countries and the New World. Bullrings are often historic and culturally significant centers that bear many structural similarities to the Roman amphitheater. The classic bullring is an enclosed, roughly circular amphitheater with tiered rows of stands that surround an open central space. The open space forms the arena, a field of densely packed crushed rock that is the stage for the bullfight. Also on the ground level, the central arena is surrounded by a staging area where the bullfighters prepare and take refuge, called the alley.

The alley is separated from the arena by a wall or other structure, usually made of wood and roughly 140 cm high. The partition wall has doors for the entrance and exit of the bull and human participants, although the form, number, and placement of these doors will vary from one bullring to another. In regular places, the wall is pushed outwards leaving splits that allow the bullfighters to go in the arena and to take refuge but are too narrow for the bull. Nevertheless, on rare occasions the bull jumps the wall causing havoc in the corridor. The walls also have a type of stirrup or foothold that aids in crossing over to the central arena, and sometimes stirrups on the arena side as well; these are used mostly by event staff if they need to intervene quickly in the case of an emergency.

The arena is surrounded by climbing rows of seats. The seats are priced differently according to the position of the sun during the show, normally in the afternoon. Bullrings evolved as specialized sporting arenas hand-in-hand with the sport that demanded them. Many of the ancient Roman amphitheaters had characteristics that can be seen in the bullrings of today. In the formative years of the sport on the Iberian Peninsula, those Roman enclosures were not commonly utilized for bullfighting events. Back when bullfighting festivals were conducted principally on horseback, the spectacle was a more public affair that took place in the city's open plaza area. The primary purpose of the ring is bullfighting, but it is usually limited to some festival weeks in the year. In other times, it may be used as a concert venue as in the Rock en El ruedo tour of Miguel Rios or the live record Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring, featuring a Joan Baez concert in the Bilbao plaza. Before the diffusion of modern sports premises, bull rings were used in the Basque Country for challenges of resistance running. The public made bets on the number of laps the runner could make. No bulls were involved.

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