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Friday, September 9, 2011

World Tour Locations to Idukki

World Tour Guides: Idukki is one of the Tourist Locations in Kerala it is famous for Dam called Idukki Dam. It is the 14th largest arch dam in Asia currently, at 555 feet in height. The dam stands between the two mountains - Kuravanmala (839 feet) and Kurathimala (925 feet). It was constructed and is owned by the Kerala State Electricity Board. It is built on the Periyar River, in the ravine between the Kuravan and Kurathi Hills in Kerala, India. At 167.68 meters, it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia. It started generating power on 4 October 1975. Technically, the dam type is a concrete double, curvature parabolic, thin arc dam.

This dam was constructed along with two other dams at Cheruthony and Kulamavu. Together, the three dams have created an artificial lake that is 60 km wide. The stored water is used to produce electricity at the Moolamattom Power house, which is located inside nearby rocky caves. The Government of Canada aided in the building of the dam with long term loans and grants. The Project harnesses a major portion of the power potential of Periyar, the largest river in Kerala State, by the creation of a reservoir of 2,000 M.cum (2 Billion Tonnes) capacities, diversion of waters thus impounded through a water conductor system consisting of a power tunnel and two underground pressure shafts to an underground power house situated in Muvattupuzha Valley.

On an average, 1,000 people visit the dam and the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has arranged two speed boats for a cruise on the reservoir, the visitors can choose for a cruise in the Kulamavu dam direction or the Idukki dam area. The 15-minute journey costs Rs.350. However, most of the tourists prefer a cruise to the dam area. The entrance fee per person is Rs.15, which is Rs.5 for a child. Nadukani is an ideal place for one-day picnickers. As the name indicates, this park offers panoramic view of the large area of the same and nearby districts. A two-storied pavilion makes an ideal place for enjoying the landscape and beauty of nature.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary This sanctuary extends over the Thodupuzha and Udumbanchola taluks of Idukki district, spreading over 77 And is about 450-748 m. above sea level. The Idukki Reservoir formed by three dams - Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamanu - extends to 33 True to its title it offers a panoramic view of a large area than one can experience from any high mountain park. Scene of Wild elephants in their natural habital enthrills the visitor. This park is situated adjacent to both Idukki Arch Dam and Cheruthony Dam. Spread over an area of 8 acres of land this aesthetically designed park has a natural water body at the hill top and pedal boating facility is available here. The herbal garden and children's play area are added attractions. A visit to this park makes Idukki visit a memorable one.

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