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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fun Things to Do in New York Tour this Summer

Always regarded one of the nation's leading destinations for work and travel, New York Tours has a plenty of things to do. Some attractions are famous world-wide, while others sort of sneak their way in. The following attractions are some things that will be worth your time to experience. While there are a number of delights in the big apple, try one, some or all of these fun and various attractions.

New York City Ferries

New York City Ferries are pretty cool. An absolutely relaxing and unique way to see the city, the many ferries allow for easy transportation as well as sightseeing. Providing weather permits, it is hard to find a better way to see it for yourself. Skimming the placid waters surrounding the cities most notable structures makes it all real. As for most attractions in the city it can be elbow to elbow, off hours and off days are recommended to make it a pleasant ride.

9/11 Memorial

This incredibly important memorial to the thousands of victims of 9/11 recently opened at the sight of the devastating attack on our country. Masterful Architecture elegantly captures the mood of reverence, remembrance, and respect. A truly sad and important day in our history is memorialized for all of us to experience.

Sunset Eco Tour to Harbor Heron Islands

Taking the Eco tour is just the way to do so. The tours aren't always running as it would be wise to call ahead. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable. The whole trip is about an hour and a half leaving plenty of time to get to move on to your next set of plans. A low environmental impact trip to witness the flocking of thousands of herons might be just what you need after the crowds have worn you down.

High Line Park

Located on the lower west side of Manhattan, High Line Park is a great place to stroll with a friend or family member and sip a cup of coffee while being in the mix. A safe and inviting park for visitors and locals alike, this slightly elevated park puts you perched up along points of the city. A long stretch of infrastructure that became outdated, High Land Park has been transformed to beautify the city.

Katz's Delicatessen

The city is known for many things. One of those is the delicatessens. Probably the most famous is Katz's. Founded in 1888, this Jewish style deli offers possibly the cities best pastrami. Holding on to its past as not much has changed over the years. A sign points down to the table where Meg Ryan pulled off her memorable deli scene in When Harry Met Sally. Aside from the hype and crowds, the food is just plain good. You'll want what she's having.

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