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Friday, October 2, 2009

National Art Museum of Catalonia

Museum National d’Art de Catalunya, abbreviated as MNAC, it is a museum of Catalan Visual art located in Barcelona, Spain. IT was built in the year 1929 for World’s fair, situated on the Montjuic hill and rehabilitated by the Summer Olympic in the year 1992.
The museum was created in 1990, when the Catalonian Museum Law reunited the collections of the former Catalunian Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum and declared it as National Museum. The architectural design of the museum is a combination of classical and Modern Spanish Art. It was opened in 1995, with the Romasque Art section. The Gothic Art section was opened on 199, while the Renaissance, Barocque, 19th and 20th century collections was opened on 2000. The official opening with the building completely rehabilitated and all the collection in place was on 2004.

The original Museum d’Art de Catalunya was opened on 1934 on the same place as today, but was closed during the Spanish Civil War.

Since 2004, the museum accommodates lots of Spanish Arts to display. It is the sign that Spanish arts still continue and always following the Spanish traditions,
This Museum is one of the most tourist favorite of Barcelona. It is indeed a beautiful work of art building, very impressive piece. Millions of tourist very year loves to witness the beautiful display of Spanish art.

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