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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 10 Safari Vacations - Europe

Safaris in Europe are more of the ice adventure kind, particularly up in the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Rug up and keep warm sailing, kiting, dog sledding or hiking through Poland, Greenland, Scotland or Norway. Marine animals like seals, whales and dolphins are plentiful or meet the musk-ox, reindeer or polar bear.
1. Sailing safari, Greenland
Sail into the superb fjords of East Greenland to see the aurora borealis and the wildlife. Polar bears, eight species of whales, two million seals, reindeer, musk oxen, artic hares and artic wolves are just some of the species living here.
2. Musk-Ox Safari, Greenland
Take a husky team or snowmobile from the town of Kangerlussuaq, located at the head of the country's third longest fjord. Cut through this beautiful region to look for the noble musk ox and with a bit of luck some reindeer and Artic foxes too. It's extremely cold here but a good place to see the northern lights.
3. Polar bear Safari, Svalbard, Norway
Don't become the bear’s next meal on this archipelago. The three thousand bears are almost as numerous as the icebergs and glaciers and known to hunt humans if they're hungry.
4. Bialowieza Forest, Poland
Get on the bison trail in this forest known for its 300 strong population of rare European bison.
5. Orkney Islands, Scotland
This archipelago is particularly fertile and has an amazing number of birds. Get you’re your book and count off guillemot, razorbill, puffin, kittiwake, breeding fowl and the short-eared owl.
6. High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia
This wild and rugged country contains some of Europe's finest and least disturbed habitats. Track lynx and wolf across snow capped peaks, keep an eye out for spotted eagles and black storks and of course the brown bear. There are about 300 of these bears, one of Europe's best populations of large mammals.
7. Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania
When you think wildlife in Europe think Romania. Two thirds of the Europe's bear population lives in the Romanian mountains, as do most of the wolves, chamois and the lynx and an impressive number of bird species.
8. Orca sailing safari, Azores, Portugal
The clear waters of the Azores provide a breeding ground for Sperm Whales although numerous other species can be seen including Fin, Blue, Pygmy Sperm, Blue, Pilot and Orca Whales. There are also dolphins and you might glimpse sharks and turtles.
9. Lapland, Sweden
Take a reindeer safari and throw in a bit of skiing or ice fishing while meeting Ptarmigan, Elk, Wolverine and Lynx along your journey.
10. Pembroke shire, Wales
Pembroke shire is well-known for both its seabirds, its plants and a wealth of other wildlife, from cetaceans and seals along the coasts and bats and butterflies inland. There are sea cliffs, moorland, pastures and ancient woods to explore plus the island of Skomer, where puffins, razorbills, guillemots and other seabirds dwell.

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