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Friday, December 18, 2009

Grazer Schloßberg

The Grazer Schloßberg is the most famous tourist attractions in Graz. The word Schloßberg literally means castle mountain, which describes it exactly. It is a hill topped by a castle, in the centre of the city of Graz, Austria.

Grazer SchlossbergThe castle is never occupied until its partial demolition by Napoleonic forces under the Peace of Schonbrunn of 1809, was once a place of refuge for Graz's residents. It was turned into a public park on account of Ludwig von Welden in 1839.

The Schloßberg contains an Uhrturm / clock tower, which functions as a recognisable icon for the city. Near the Uhrturm there is a cafe with views over the old town. Additionally, on the western side of the Schloßberg, there are two small cafes, one with table service and the other one with self-service. Next to the terminus of the funicular railway there is a hilltop restaurant with views of western Graz.

Graz clock towerGraz Schlossberg nightThere is also a Turkish Well that was built by Turkish slaves that was used to get water during times when Schlossberg was under siege. The water was routed from the nearby River Mur.

An open-air stage for concerts and performances is located in the cellars of the former fortress. Furthermore, you can see two bastions and the belltower. To reach the top of the hill one can either take the funicular railway Schloßbergbahn, an elevator built inside the mountain, or one of the older sets of pathways and steps.

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