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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A feel of Judea

To celebrate the Winter vocations, the wineries of the Judean Hill region are teaming up for month-long festivities in which they will offer an array of tourist attractions throughout the area.

Stretching from the coastal plain to the foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains, the Judea region is home to a cluster of 25 boutique wineries, some of them the nation’s best. This is the most organized wine region in the country, with its own wine route and where the establishments are marketed as a group. However, most of the wineries are medium-to-small operations without established visitor centers, so the festival events are a great opportunity for both wine connoisseurs and would-be wine lovers to explore some of the area’s most spectacular gems.

The charming setting and unique wine-growing conditions have earned the Judea region a reputation as one of the country’s fine wine-producing regions.

The Judean wine route takes you on an adventure along hillsides and deep valleys with picturesque landscapes and panoramic vistas. This is one of the most scenic routes in the country where visitors can not only travel through forests and vineyards, but sip award-winning wines and enjoy country dining experiences.

Area hotels, including Neveh Ilan, Yad Hashmona, Tzova, Shoresh, Ma’aleh Hahamisha and Neveh Shalom, are offering attractive deals for festival guests.

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