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Thursday, March 27, 2008

China Climate

China has a marked continental monsoonal climate characterized by great variety. Northerly winds overcome in winter, while southerly winds reign in summer. The four seasons are rather distinct. The rainy season coincides with the hot season. From September to April the following year, the dry and cold winter monsoons from Siberia and Mongolia in the north regularly become weak as they reach the southern part of the country, resulting in cold and dry winters and huge differences in temperature. The summer monsoons previous from April to September.

The warm and moist summer monsoons from the oceans bring plentiful rainfall and high temperatures, with little difference in temperature among the south and the north. China's complex and varied climate results in a great mixture of temperature belts, and dry and moist zones. In terms of temperature, the nation can be separated from south to north into equatorial, tropical, sub-tropical, warm-temperate, temperate, and cold-temperate zones; in requisites of moisture, it can be divided from southeast to northwest into humid (32 percent of land area), semi-humid (15 percent), semi-arid (22 percent) and arid zones (31 percent).

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