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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tips for Visiting Beijing

A Beijing tour can be an interesting and unique experience because it is a city steeped in culture at the same time embracing the contemporary western values. Beijing will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2008 and is undergoing most important changes heading towards modernization. As the capital city of the world's most populous nation, Beijing is the center of national politics, economy, culture and tourism..

Travel Around Beijing

When traveling in Beijing, for all time carry a map (which is available at bus and railway stations and at the airports) and be sure that you know accurately where you want to go because most people do not speak or understand English very well. Traveling by taxi is the easiest way to obtain around Beijing. They exist in front of hotels, train stations and the airport. Always make sure the taxi driver turns the meter on when you find inside; unmetered taxis are illegal. Buses are everywhere in Beijing, regrettably for some travelers, they are very crowded and the signs and stops are only in Chinese. The subway is one more great way to get around Beijing. The Circle Line, East-West Line, and Fuba Line connect all major streets in Beijing. The trains run every 10 minutes, and have a fixed fee of ¥3.

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